Astro Photos:
I'll be posting some of my Astrophotograpy results on this page as weather permits.  These aren't that good yet, light pollution is a serious problem, as well as seeing.  I think I finally have a handle on focus, using FocusMax and MaximDL.

Here's a really cool Moon shot, click on the picture for a larger view.  There are total of eight 0.12 second exposures, 4 of the lower half, and 4 of the upper half, so, it's a two photo moziac and each photo had 4 photo's combined.  It stands up to printing out on our 11 X 17 printer!  Oh, I almost forgot.  I had to put a 5 inch mask over the 14 inch scope to get the signal low enough so it wasn't over exposed.

On 4-24-2006, I took 55 minutes of NGC4631, 14 Inch, ST8E, bias, dark, but no flat field.  This one was processed by Eric Carlson, one of my beta testers.

Well, 5 hours to take one picture, Gosh, what a lot of work this is!!!  Taken on 3-19-2006.
14 inch F4.3, 40 minutes total of 5 minute exposures using an ST8E,  Guided with Maxim DL, focused with FocusMax, and my Focuser Ascom Driver.  I used ECU to control the telescope, via the Alpha version of my ASCOM driver.  NGC2903 in Leo.  What worked: The Ascom driver worked really well, I found a couple of glitches I have to fix.  I had trouble with Maxim DL at first, but I got that sorted out.  The main problems I had were related to my not using the Maxim DL before.  Atmospheric seeing is a problem with the star images, and a small amount of coma.  The outer spiral arms are hard to bring out because of the light pollution.

M1 Taken on about 3-1-05, same hardware as above, I used CCDOps to guide and caputure.  Total of 20 minutes, 10 exposures.  This was before I used FocusMax, so the faint stars are a bit soft.  

John Ott is Alpha/Beta testing the Ascom driver with his 20 inch Alt/Az telescope with field de-rotator,  He's doing nice work. All were taken using the SiTech controller and the SiTech ASCOM driver, except one, I can't remember which.

M51 Two 5 minute guided shots, 20 inch F4.

M65 by John Ott, 20 inch F4, 90 seconds.

Coma Cluster 5 minute shot, 20 inch F4, Abel 1656 by John Ott. Look at all them there galaxies!

NGC3628 by John Ott, 20 inch....

Andrew Aurigema from Florida is using a beautiful Horseshoe Equatorial mount for a 28 inch RC mirror he picked up surplus.  The mirror set was designed for infra-red, so he will probably have to re-figure it, but this picture is tantalizingly beautiful!  We all can't wait for his new optics.  Andrew has been a wonderful alpha/beta tester for both the SiTech ASCOM driver, and the radio handpad.
Here is an image he did of M66, lots of detail in them there arms, eh?  Total exposure time is 2 hours.