Chuck Shaw has done such tremendous work, we're putting his photo's first. He hasn't even had time to post these on his own website, so here's the only place to see them so far!
Chuck Shaw's Photo's:

Dan Gray finally got his SiTech ASCOM driver ready to control the field de-rotator and the focuser. Then he purchased MaximDL, and is now taking reasonably great shots with his 14 inch alt/az scope, all from the city lights of West Linn Oregon:
Dan Gray's Photo's:

John is using a 20" alt/az telescope with a field de-rotator being controlled by the SiTech ASCOM driver. He's been having some great success:
John Ott's Photo's:

Andrew is struggling with optical problems with his 28", but in spite of this, has taken some great shots. He's using a homemade HorseShoe equatorial telescope.
Andrew Aurigema's photo's

Eric is just getting started, and is waiting for the northwest weather to co-operate. He's been doing some great work with his 16" equatorial telescope. Eric designed an fabricated the R/A drive, and took the existing R/A drive, and put it on the declination. Don't forget to visit his site, it's in the Links section of this page. Eric is a junior in high school, amazing!
Eric Carlson's Photo's:

If you have photo's taken with the Sidereal Technology system, please email us (go to 'Contact Us') and We'll add them here....