We just finished attending the SAS conference at Big Bear, California.  Dave Rowe and Dan Gray demonstrated the new Direct Drive Motor built into the Azimuth Bearing that Dave Rowe Designed.   Dan designed and programmed the new circuit board for controlling the direct drive motors.

Here's a small page about the initial Direct Drive Motor testing:

Pictures of the new Direct Drive Controller:

Major new features in the SiTechExe Telescope Driver since last year:
1. PointXP Telescope Modeling by Dave Rowe has been incorporated.
2. Tick Managment Feature has been added.
3.  Pulse Guide method is much more accurate.  Wireless ASCOM guiding is the way to go!

Many, many minor features and bug fixes.


During the last year, we made several advances, most with the ASCOM driver, which we now call the ASCOM Compliant SiTech Telescope Driver, since it's now a stand alone EXE program.

Here's the features we've added to the controller firmware during the last year:

1. Control using the "Sky Commander" 

2. PEC control.

Here's the features we've added to the SiTech Telescope Driver:

1. Scripting.  You may now "script" from object to object, or pan large objects, play a wav file, etc.

2. PEC control with multi sampling, averaging and offseting, manual or auto sync.

3. Offset tracking rates, to follow asteroids, comets, moon, and.....

4. Configurable colors, plus night vision all red

5. Control 2 focusers with second controller. 

6. Polar align feature (very nice, saves hours)

7. Stand alone operation, has database of all NGC, IC, Messier, and about 300 named stars.

8. Can be controlled by many ASCOM compliant programs at the same time.

9. Online help

10. Audio feedback for different situations, such as "Nearing Meridian Limit", "Slew Ended", etc.

11. Many other smaller features, too many to list here

There is now a users group.  Please feel free to join:


Our first trade show is coming up at 2006 RTMC! Please visit our booth!

New website is up!

ServoConfig version 1.0 released

Controller Firmware version 1.9 released.

SiTech ASCOM Beta version released.