MAJOR NEWS!  SiTechExe version 0.90A Released!

We have a new installer which installs everything needed for operation of version 0.90 of SiTechExe.

Please see the release notes:

Major New Features:

Built in Satellite Tracking (Please see screenshot at bottom of this page).
SkyView display, with database, searches, satellite tracks and more.... (
Please see screenshot at bottom of this page),
AutoFocus using PlateSolve2 by Dave Rowe, 
New PointXP Telescope Modeling, Active X version, by Dave Rowe.  It's about 4 or 5 times more accurate than the previous version, all things being equal.
ASCOM compliant focuser and rotator control
Joystick Control.  Just enable it in the SiTech Configuration, hold the fire button down, and it should control your telescope!
Windows 7 Directory Structure is followed, new data and program folder locations.

IMPORTANT!  Chuck Shaw and Don Westergren put a lot of time in the following release notes.
     In fact, at the moment, it's the only manual for operation of some of the new features!
     Please download and read!!!

The manuals are (coming soon (soon is relative :-)   ) ):

There will be a version that does NOT require ASCOM to be installed, but at this point (Feb 2012), you MUST install ASCOM 6 for the installer to work.

Here's the link to ASCOM 6 download:

You MUST have DOTNET 4.0 installed for SiTechExe090 to work.

Click here to download DotNet 4.0:

And here is SiTechExe 0.90P installer.

If you don't use ASCOM, but want to use SiTechExe, here's the latest Non-ASCOM installer:
NON ASCOM SiTechExe 0.90P installer.

Here's the latest firmware for ServoI and ServoII (This is already included in the new 0.90 SiTech Installer):
Latest Firmware for ServoI is version 3.7A.

Latest Firmware for ServoII is version 8.9B.  

The above firmware upgrades are automatically included in the 0.90 SiTechExe installer.  You must run ServoConfig 1.3 (included in the new installer) to upgrade the firmware in your controller.

The following link is the executable installer for the USB driver for the USB to Serial chip virtual comm port used in the ServoII and Brushless Controllers

USB Driver for ServoII and Brushless.  


SkyView Screenshot. Click on the image for a larger view, click your "Back" button to return:

Satellite Tracking Screenshot. Click on the image for a larger view, click your "Back" button to return::